Eat Well, Test Well: Bayer HealthCare and dLife Healthcare Solutions launch diabetes resource

TARRYTOWN, N.Y., and WESTPORT, Conn. — Bayer HealthCare, makers of the Contour Next portfolio of blood-glucose meters, and dLife Healthcare Solutions, a diabetes behavior change solution, have created and are working together to offer Eat Well, Test Well, a six-week food and nutrition program for people with diabetes. The Eat Well, Test Well program is available online at no charge and was developed to help educate and motivate people with diabetes to make healthier mealtime choices based on the results of blood-sugar testing as a guide.

According to a January 2013 dLife/dQ&A study of more than 1,300 people with Type 2 diabetes, more than 85% of respondents said they have tried to make major changes in their food choices one or more times in the last 3 years to better manage their diabetes, yet only one quarter report having stayed on their plan consistently. When asked what would motivate them to change their eating habits, the top two motivators were experiencing more diabetic complications (92%) or blood-glucose testing results were too high (88%).

The online program is based on a clinically proven model that organizes information into six weekly themes, including carb counting, portion control, the impact of food on blood glucose numbers, and more — designed to help reduce the frustration and stress that may come with making healthy mealtime decisions. The Eat Well, Test Well program offers members support through weekly e-newsletters, as well as articles, videos, recipes and quizzes — all within a personalized website experience. After completing the program, members should have the knowledge and confidence they need to make better food choices for their own diabetes management.

To encourage enrollment, Bayer HealthCare is offering a Contour Next or Contour Next USB blood-glucose meter to every enrollee at no charge. Bayer meters include features, such as auto-log technology which prompts users to test regularly and track blood-glucose numbers in conjunction with mealtimes — enabling them to better understand how their personal food choices impact their blood-glucose numbers.

"Bayer HealthCare is continually bringing innovation to blood-glucose testing, and the Contour Next portfolio of meters with Meal Marker technology provides a simple and smart way for people to test and track at those crucial mealtimes," said Dr. Brian Pflug, global medical affairs, Bayer HealthCare. "By partnering with a leader in diabetes lifestyle management like dLife, we believe we bring the technology and education together for our customers to have a meaningful and lasting improvement in their diabetes nutrition and blood-glucose control."

According to Sean Foster, CEO, dLife, "Food is a critical factor in blood-sugar highs and lows, and for those trying to manage their diabetes for good control, meal time can be an overwhelming and burdensome event. We're hoping that simple nutritional education, coupled with state-of-the-art Contour Next BG meters from Bayer, will help people take control of their mealtimes and make smarter choices — ultimately bringing more ease and joy into their daily lives."

The Eat Well, Test Well Program is available to all people trying to actively manage their diabetes. Enrollees can register at

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