E-prescribing up by 75% in 2011, Surescripts says

More than half of office-based physicians prescribing electronically

ARLINGTON, Va. — More than one-third of prescriptions were sent electronically in 2011, the country's largest e-prescribing network said.

Surescripts issued an executive summary of its annual e-prescribing progress report Thursday showing that 570 million prescriptions, or 36% of the total, were sent electronically, a 75% increase over 2010's 326 million. In addition, 317,000 office-based physicians, or 58%, were e-prescribing, compared with 1-in-10 three years ago.

Other figures indicated that e-prescribing has a significant effect on first-fill medication adherence. Out of every 100 prescriptions, 76.5% of those sent electronically are picked up, compared with 69.5% of those that aren't.

The network plans to release its full progress report later this month.

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- 1:47 PM
HanoverFist says

Unfortunately the E-scripts are only as good as the people entering them and the number of script errors has dramatically increased as our use of e-prescribing has increased. There just isn't enough attention to detail or training for the individuals using the e-script programs. It has gotten so bad we almost have to verify verbally by phone all the e-rx's we get because our trust in the system is so low. It has not saved us any time, and probably has increased the amount of time we have to take on each e-rx.

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