Duracell Batteries earn Good Housekeeping Seal

BETHEL, Conn. Good Housekeeping magazine is recognizing Duracell with the Good Housekeeping Seal, Procter & Gamble announced Tuesday.

Founded in 1900, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute is dedicated to informing and educating consumers through product evaluations. The Good Housekeeping Seal provides assurance to the magazine's readers that the products advertised are backed by a two-year limited warranty against being defective.

"Consumers want a battery they can trust to serve as the heart of their treasured devices, and the Good Housekeeping Seal is one more example that Duracell is trusted everywhere," said Rick June, VP and general manager, North America. "We're proud to have stood behind the quality of our products for more than 40 years, and it's great to add the 100-year tradition of the Good Housekeeping Seal."

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