Duane Reade launches 'Show Us Your Party Legs' photo contest on Facebook

NEW YORK — Duane Reade at midnight on Friday launched their “Show Us Your Party Legs” holiday photo contest on Facebook. The contest is a three week, omnichannel social media marketing campaign to raise awareness of Duane Reade-brand hosiery products that will run through Jan. 4. 

Aspects of the integrated, multi-platform contest will allow customers to incorporate holiday legwear shopping while connecting with the brand on strategic, digital, social media and in-store platforms. Customers also will get a chance to win one of three grand prize packages — a $500 Broadway.com gift card; a $500 Mr. Chows gift card; a $250 Duane Reade gift card and a limousine ride. 

“The ‘Show Us Your Party Legs’ Facebook photo contest is such an exciting way for our customers to incorporate holiday season shopping and their ultimate holiday party experience”, said Calvin Peters, Duane Reade’s online PR manager. “We’re thrilled to be working with Doris International and their versatile products in a way [that] lets consumers connect with Duane Reade on strategic digital, social media and in-store platforms," he said. "By promoting the affordability and quality of Duane Reade hosiery and the ubiquitous nature of Duane Reade stores across New York City via photo intensive CGM generation, we help our busy patrons find convenient legwear options through content they trust.”

The company’s store-brand hosiery is produced by Doris International, which manufactures the same products for Victoria’s Secret and Michael Kors.

The previous social amplification campaign for Halloween 2013 dubbed “Boo-ti-ful Legs #DRLegCandy” was a prime example of tangible social return on investment. The campaign was executed from Oct. 13 to Nov. 3. 

The #DRLegCandy campaign generated 5,246 pieces of content, including mentions on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and news sites. That campaign also generated 157.4 million impressions. 





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