The DSN digital evolution

Like just about everybody else with a pulse these days, the coolest thing I own is my iPad. I know. How original — me and 53 million other people.

But there's a reason for that. The iPad reinvents the boring old way we used to do so many things, from how we shop to how we consume media. It is no surprise that iPad users spend twice as much as any other online customer. It's just so damn easy and cool, and well, fun.

One of my favorite things about the iPad is what it does to magazines. In print, a magazine or a newspaper is just words and graphics. But in the digital world, a magazine becomes a rich user experience with video, audio and photo slideshows that puts the reader inside the story; you don't just read an article, you become immersed in it. Even the ads come to life. Imagine the possibilities in a B2B environment.

By now you probably have heard something about our new app DSN+. DSN+ is the next step in the digital evolution of Drug Store News. DSN+ works kind of like a QR code reader: use your mobile device to scan an article or a picture from the magazine that has the DSN+ logo, and you're instantly connected to some cool multimedia content online. Scan the photo on page 16, and watch my video store tour of Walgreens' newest flagship store in Los Angeles, No. 8,000 for the chain.

In just the first few weeks, we have had several-hundred downloads for DSN+, which is available for free at the Apple store.

Good news: We're working on an Android version — so stay tuned.

Better news: This is just the beginning. In the months ahead, watch closely as the digital evolution of DSN continues; because every time we improve our business, it's an opportunity for you to learn more about the business you're in.

Don't be left out — download DSN+ today.


A photo in the special Business of Beauty report that appeared in the Jan. 14, 2013, issue of DSN (page 21) showed a photo of a beauty adviser from a Pharmaca store although the article focused largely on Target's Beauty Concierge program. The reference to Pharmaca was inadvertently deleted from the article. DSN regrets the error.

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