DSN From The Blogs: Ideas are your products, too

DrugStoreNews.com debuts new industry-expert blog site

NEW YORK — Ideas are just as important to a winning company’s overall success as the products and services it sells. So, what’s your company doing to create a culture where the ideas that create your products and services are as important as the products themselves? That’s the question Dan Mack — EVP strategic business development for The Swanson Group and founder of the Mack Elevation Forum — puts to DrugStoreNews.com users in a hot, new content feature that debuted this week on DrugStoreNews.com. Meant to provide an interactive forum for DrugStoreNews.com users, “DSN From The Blogs” is anchored by expert blogs written by top industry opinion leaders.

“With more than 105,000 unique visitors to DrugStoreNews.com last month alone — and growing — DSN From the Blogs provides an expansive community for users to explore and discuss complex ideas, challenges and opportunities to grow the business,” explained The Drug Store News Group editor Rob Eder. “DSN From the Blogs will deliver raw and unfiltered insights from top industry execs who have been on the front lines of the industry and offer a unique and authentic perspective. We’re going to shake things up, create new dialogue and find new ways to connect our industry. We’re very excited.”

Providing key insights from both the supplier and retailer points of view, Mack and Dave Van Howe — long-time Arbor Drug/CVS and Walgreens vet, currently VP and general manager at Market Performance Group — will anchor the monthly Customer Optimization blog. Other regular From the Blogs will include Mobile Marketing, Pharmacy Affairs and Health IT (sponsored by Emdeon), with several more to be introduced in the coming months. A special commenting function enables DrugStoreNews.com users to become active participants in a real-time, online discussion.

In addition, DSN From The Blogs also will include several other key interactive features for which DrugStoreNews.com invites its users to share submissions, including:

  • Scene on Shelf: a photographic look at cool, in-store promotions and new merchandising concepts;

  • Store Tour: DSN’s extensive multimedia archive of hot, new store formats; and

  • Research Triangle: an online resource center for white papers, surveys and studies.

Got an idea for a new DSN From The Blogs topic? Think you have what it takes to be a DSN Expert Blogger? Contact Rob Eder, The Drug Store News Group editor: reder@lf.com.

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