DSE Healthcare Solutions launches bladder control educational effort

EDISON, N.J. — DSE Healthcare Solutions on Tuesday launched the Cystex "Your Bladder Matters" educational effort with a brand new original music video about the health benefits of Kegels, the discreet exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

“These conditions can be debilitating for chronic sufferers, really impacting quality of life, and we get many women writing us to tell us that,” stated Ray Abrahamsen, VP marketing at DSE Healthcare Solutions, maker of the Cystex brand of urinary health products.

“With more than 24,500 unique views of the video in just a few weeks, we believe this catchy video gives women permission to share and discuss the importance of bladder health, a more private topic, with other women,” noted Alyson O’Mahoney, executive VP/creative director at Robin Leedy & Associates, the PR firm representing Cystex. “The high video completion rate also indicates we are hitting the right target for the content.”

The video is coupled with a Facebook effort that includes thematic communication to the social community, targeted cost per click advertising and a T-shirt promo tied to the video effort. “These messages serve to help reduce the stigma away from discussing bladder health and issues more openly,” Abrahamsen said. “As a leader in the urinary health category, we felt the Cystex brand could help lead the charge.”

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