DSE Healthcare employs social media to elicit consumer testimonials

EDISON, N.J. — DSE Healthcare Solutions reached out to volunteers with recurrent urinary tract infections through social media sites for a 12-week Cystex challenge. The outreach incorporated the Cystex Facebook page, Cystex Ladies Room Blog and outreach to bloggers, who spread the word through their network of consumers and other bloggers.

Ten women were selected out of that group and supplied with a 12-week supply of Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox. The women reported on their progress weekly and communicated via the Cystex "Ladies Room" blog and the Cystex Facebook page.

Of the 10 women, eight completed the challenge. In the 12 months prior to beginning the challenge, this group of women had paid an average of four visits to the doctor for UTI-related issues. During the 12 weeks of the challenge, the total number of doctors visits was zero.

"While this was in no way a scientifically based study, as a practicing urologist, I believe that the results were impressive," stated Elizabeth Kavaler, a New York City urologist and Cystex spokeswoman. "What I especially found impressive were the women's own evaluations of their bladder health — before and after — and the dramatic improvements reported."

"All of the patients reported improvement after initiating use of Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex, and none reported an adverse reaction," Kavaler added. "The personal accounts of the impact that this supplement had, from reduced stress to improvements in quality of life, are great substantiation."

The Cystex Better Bladder Challenge was created and executed for DSE by Robin Leedy & Associates.

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