Drug Store News introduces new digital app

DSN+ links DSN print readers to digital content quickly and easily, creating exciting new user experience

Drug Store News has introduced a new app for print subscribers to DSN magazine: DSN+.

Available for free download at the Apple Store, DSN+ turns a page of Drug Store News into an interactive experience, linking readers seamlessly from print to digital, as quickly and easily as it is to take a picture with a smartphone.

How does it work?

First, go to the Apple Store and download our DSN+ app — it’s absolutely free.

Second, open the app, and as you’re reading an issue of DSN, look for the DSN+ logo (pictured here). Wherever you see this logo, that means the page you’re looking at is linked to premium, multimedia content online. It could be a video on DSN.TV; it could be an audio Q&A with one of our reporters on DrugStoreNews.com, or it could be photos from a hot new store opening or other event. DSN+ works on articles, photos and ads that appear in the magazine.

Just hold your mobile device a few inches from the page and scan the item like you would scan a QR code, and that’s it — within seconds you’ll be linked to special, bonus content online. No more retyping long URL addresses or having to remember to log on to the site later.

For instance, in the January 2013 issue of DSN — currently being mailed — readers can scan the item on page 10 and see DSN editor Rob Eder’s video interview with Rite Aid COO Ken Martindale from the company’s newest-look Wellness format store. Or check out Walgreens' store No. 8,000 — its first West Coast-based flagship location — at Hollywood’s famed corner of Sunset & Vine, or watch consumers talk product innovation on DSN.TV.

That’s DSN+. It’s fun. It’s free. And it’s going to change the way you keep up with news in the retail pharmacy industry.

Download it now at the Apple Store and don’t miss out.


- 2:34 AM
KellieCooper says

This app should be accessible on symbian phones too. Because android or ios is not popular in third world countries like India yet. So symbian phone users should also be able to utilize this app.

- 5:06 PM
aachance says

That's an amazing digital application - I tried scanning and it work beautifully!

- 1:00 PM
jabinmia says

Is there any way to download the app from google play store?

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