Drug Store News Group site provides beauty advice

Antoinette Alexander

Mass-market retailers are looking for ways to bolster their beauty sales through technologically advanced product offerings, exclusive lines and new upscale beauty formats—and there’s no doubt that having an educated team of beauty advisers in the store is an important factor in achieving success. Enter the new BeautyAdvisorLounge.com site.

The new Web site, which officially launched April 17, was developed by The Drug Store News Group to serve as an educational platform and online community for beauty advisers working within the mass market.

“It used to be that cosmetic and fragrance salespeople visited with beauty advisers on a regular basis and that there were frequent beauty school days for beauty advisers to attend, and that doesn’t happen much anymore,” said John Kenlon, VP and group publisher of The Drug Store News Group. “The new BeautyAdvisorLounge.com is an effective, cost-efficient way to bring beauty advisers education that makes them better at their jobs and helps them sell more product. It’s also fun and makes them feel special, which is important when you’re selling beauty products.”

Highlights of the site include how-to lessons, instructional videos, new product information and category overviews. There’s also a “Let’s Chat” section to encourage interaction among beauty advisers.

To kick off the launch and to help educate beauty advisers, Coty, whose brands include Sally Hansen and NYC New York Color, and Reckitt Benckiser, the maker of Veet and Clearasil, have signed on as the initial sponsors of the site.

“We at Coty Beauty are very aware of the incredible value beauty advisers bring to the shopper, beauty categories, brands and the retailers that employ them. Our sponsorship of the innovation The Drug Store News Group is bringing to this invaluable team is entirely positive. Together, we will be providing ongoing training, best-practice sharing, category insights and a forum for learning among this community. We’re thrilled to be a partner in both the development and execution of this initiative,” said David Russell, VP sales, cosmetic strategy and customer marketing for Coty Beauty.

To help keep beauty advisers knowledgeable and up-to-speed on the latest and greatest in the fast-changing and exciting world of beauty, the site will be frequently updated with new product news and how-to lessons. In addition, BeautyAdvisorLounge.com will leverage the benefits of social media to further extend the reach to this invaluable group of retail associates.

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