Drug Fair entices customers to return with loyalty program

SOMERSET, N.J. More and more drug stores are finding that loyalty programs not only encourage return visits, they also entice shoppers to spend more per visit. This philosophy has spurred the launche of loyalty programs across the nation, and New Jersey-based Drug Fair Group has caught on adding more incentives to its We Care loyalty program launched last August.

Drug Fair’s program offers shoppers rewards in addition to discounts to try to urge them to shop in Drug Fair stores more often. Furthermore, shoppers receive specialized deals because their purchases are tracked through the loyalty program using a high-tech marketing partners, Cartwheel, and technology partner 1010data of New York City, to store and process shopping data.

According to Cartwheel president and chief executive officer, Larry Aronson, “75 percent of the growth that comes from a continuity rewards program comes because of increased frequency of visits, as opposed to increased items in a basket.”

We Care loyalty club participants get points for every dollar they spend in one of Drug Fair’s 55 stores. After they earn 150 points, they receive a $5 rebate reward coupon which is good for two weeks.

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