Drchrono integrates Google Glass into EHR platform to create wearable health record

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Drchrono, a creator of a free electronic health record platform on the iPad, iPhone and cloud, has integrated Google Glass into its EHR platform to build the first wearable health record for physicians.

For the first time, doctors can be hands-free while looking at medical records. The future of a doctor is one where they have an iPad, an iPhone, a laptop and Glass all connected through a mobile EHR platform so they can spend more one-on-one time with patients instead of processing paperwork, drchrono stated.

"The iPad was a new consumption device that changed the world, and now we are seeing that doctors want to use more and more hands-free technology. Glass is one of the first of its kind to do this. A physician wants to practice medicine and not be burdened with all of the paperwork that goes on in the practice. We knew this would be an important app to integrate into our EHR platform, and we're excited to now offer this to doctors using drchrono,” Michael Nusimow, CEO and co-founder of drchrono, stated.

Some of the uses for Glass and drchrono include:

  • Taking pictures in any setting by just saying, "Ok, Glass, take a picture," (e.g., during surgery a doctor can take a picture that will be pulled into the patient's medical record without his having to touch anything that could get his hands infected);
  • Recording videos of patient encounters or medical surgeries to document, so that medical staff and scribes can code in asynchronous time offline, and view the video to add codes after the encounter;
  • Real-time data streaming of patient encounters so that doctors can have other physicians, patients' family members or scribes watching anywhere in the world while the physician can focus on the patient 100%;
  • Flipping through patient profiles on the heads-up display — with the tap of a finger, physicians can quickly preview a list of all of the patients they are seeing for the day;
  • Getting real-time notifications about who has come into the office with alerts about patients coming in or needing help; and
  • Reviewing medical data about patients hands free.

"This is a game-changing device; I am amazed at how well drchrono and Glass help the documentation process during patient encounters. It's a big time saver," said Bill Metaxas, who recently started using drchrono and Glass in his San Francisco practice. "I can see Glass becoming an integral part of the norm in a physician's workflow."

Drchrono also is expanding its platform integration with Box by enabling medical data captured with Glass to be available on Box's cloud content platform.

"Doctors want better workflow for capturing clinical documentation. Glass provides faster alternatives to standard data collection and capture. By partnering with Box, drchrono can broaden its data-sharing options by allowing relevant medical content to be securely shared with patients, family members and other providers involved in patient care,” Missy Krasner, managing director of healthcare and life sciences at Box, said.

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