Dr. Reddy's subsidiary confirms receipt of FDA warning letter

HYDERABAD, India — The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning letter to Dr. Reddy’s Labs’ chemical manufacturing plant in Mexico, the company said Tuesday.

The drug maker said Dr. Reddy’s subsidiary Industrias Quimicas Falcon de Mexico, in Cuernavaca, received an FDA warning letter based on a November 2010 inspection where the regulatory agency found a number of manufacturing problems.

Dr. Reddy’s said it takes the warnings seriously and will respond to the FDA and work with the agency to resolve the problems.


- 11:10 AM
taunteanna says

And you wonder why I ask the pharmacy which country is my meds being made in? I won't take anything thats made in Mexico or India. I WILL CONTINUE TO SPEND MY MONEY ON USA PRODUCTS WHICH AS WE SEE ARE MORE HIGHLY REGULATED AND PRIDEFULLY MADE. I hope that others are doing the same to bring back jobs to OUR country!

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