Dr Pepper wraps up 125th anniversary celebration

PLANO, Texas — A soft drink is wrapping up the year-long celebration of its flavorful history.

Dr Pepper, which marked its 125th anniversary earlier this year, is drawing the celebration to a close by commemorating the 125th anniversary of the first time Dr Pepper was served at Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas, as recognized in documents filed in the Patent and Trademark Office.

The soft drink brand's anniversary celebration included an advertising campaign featuring rock band Kiss and limited-edition collectible cans. Dr Pepper also launched a social media campaign on DrPepper.com, Twitter and Facebook, which made fans aware of Dr Pepper's history by posting new facts to the sites throughout the year. Dr Pepper now has more than 5.8 million fans on Facebook and more than 25,000 Twitter followers, the company said.

"The enduring success of Dr Pepper can be attributed to its unique flavor and ability to connect with generations of fans. Fans of the brand view it as an exceptional and refreshing way to express their own uniqueness," said Dave Fleming, director of marketing for Dr Pepper.

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