Dr Pepper Snapple Group to launch 10-calorie versions of its sodas

PLANO, Texas — As an extension of Dr Pepper Ten, the soft drink company will launch 10-calorie versions of five of its biggest soda brands, beginning January 2013. Sunkist, 7-Up, Canada Dry, RC Cola and A&W Root Beer are all getting makeovers.

Unlike other artificial sweeteners, the 10-calorie sweetener mix used by Dr Pepper Snapple Group contains enough high-fructose corn syrup to appeal to those consumers who have reservations about the taste of diet drinks, the company said.

Although Dr Pepper Ten was launched as an alternative for men who don't like the image or taste of diet soda, the new 10-calorie sodas are being marketed to both men and women. Larry Young, CEO of Dr Pepper Snapple Group, said he is confident the new 10-calorie drinks can help soda consumers reduce their calorie intakes.

The drinks will hit shelves nationwide at select outlets in January, wih one of the company's largest national ad campaigns to follow in March. The new ads will target both sexes and play off the theme of "Get Both."

Diet sodas already account for 20% of Dr Pepper's soda sales, but Young said he predicts that number reaching 40% to 50% in coming years.

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