Dr Pepper scores with football fans

PLANO, Texas In line with its football-themed campaign, Dr Pepper has partnered with Electronic Arts to develop "Dr Pepper Football," an interactive computer-based video game.

Available for PC download through the Dr Pepper website with the use of a special promotion code, the game pits Dr Pepper against Diet Dr Pepper on a customized field. Players can choose specially designed uniforms for battle on the grid iron and use additional Dr Pepper codes to unlock hidden game content, including custom playbooks, and such halftime mini-games as passing, running or punting challenges. Dr Pepper Football also includes social networking feeds, the company said.

"Dr Pepper is a longtime supporter of college football, and now we're giving our fans a chance to get in the game," said Dave Fleming, director of marketing for Dr Pepper. "There has always been a battle between consumers over which tastes better, Dr Pepper or Diet Dr Pepper, and now fans can settle that dispute on the field."

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