Dr. Fresh launches FireFly Ready Go Brush

BUENA PARK, Calif. — A new toothbrush is designed to help kids know when they've brushed their top and bottom teeth enough.

Dr. Fresh announced the launch of the FireFly Ready Go Brush, designed as a motivational tool that times kids to make sure they brush each arch for 60 seconds.

The toothbrush contains a flashing light that starts as green, turns yellow when kids are halfway done and red when they're finished. The brush also includes a suction cup holder that allows for upright storage, avoiding contact with other brushes or the bathroom counter.

"Any parent knows kids hate to brush, and that often they don't," Dr. Fresh chief marketing officer Geoff Carroll said. "By combining a mesmerizing and educational 'stop light' mechanism with the biggest names in kids' entertainment, the Ready Go Brush makes brushing fun and helps children build routine."

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