Downy introduces in-wash scent booster

CINCINNATI — Downy has expanded its portfolio to include a new in-wash scent booster that allows users to control the amount of scent that gets added to each laundry load.

Downy Unstopables dissolves during the wash cycle and is safe to use in any washing machine, including high efficiency washing machines, at any temperature, according to Downy's parent company Procter & Gamble. The booster is available in two varieties: Unstopables fresh, which offers a clean, crisp and refreshing scent that can be used in tandem with Downy Clean Breeze; while Unstopables lush enhances the benefits on Downy Simple Pleasures Lavender Serenity laundry product.

Unstopables is available for the suggested retail price of $6.99 per bottle.

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