Double Pump tapped for LipiGesic-M marketing efforts

SCHOFIELD, Wis. — In preparation for a retail launch, PuraMed BioScience on Monday announced it has entered into an agreement with Double Pump to enhance marketing efforts and product awareness surrounding the company’s homeopathic analgesic LipiGesic-M.

"We have retained Double Pump to assist us in our marketing campaign for LipiGesic-M, which will include a search for a high-profile spokesperson for the product, as well as introduction to various sales channels," stated PuraMed CEO Russell Mitchell. "We believe Double Pump's experience with international brands, as well as their relationships with highly recognizable celebrities and athletes, makes them an excellent choice as a partner in launching LipiGesic-M on the national level and building awareness of the product to the level of becoming a household name."

PuraMed also stated it recently submitted a clinical study supporting the efficacy of LipiGesic M to an unnamed medical journal for peer review.

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