Dotz Cord Catcher leaves gymnastics for the gym

Found your cell phone cord has slipped behind the desk again as you're trying to recharge your phone before bed? Is this ritual turning into a nightly gymnastics event stretching, reaching, cursing that smug cord lying along the baseboards? Dotz cord and cable management products has the solution: Dotz Cord Catcher.

Dotz Cord Catcher can manage up to four charging cords for your cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or laptop to keep them organized in your home or at the office, whenever and wherever you need them. The Cord Catcher's rubberized channels keep the cords in place and within reach when connecting and disconnecting your device. The weighted, nonstick-grip bottom assures the Cord Catcher stays put on your nightstand or desktop without marring the surface.

The Cord Catcher comes in red, white or black with a suggested retail price of $7.99 each.

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