Doctations builds Web-based patient information system

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. Doctations has created a new website,, that it feels is better suited to handle the new demand for electronic medical record technology.

According to the company, the website includes:

  • A Shared Patient Database that enhances a doctor’s effectiveness by supporting a complete history of his or her care for a patient. The history includes HIPAA compliant access to other physician’s records for the patient as well as the patient’s own information, e.g., prescriptions, allergies, current symptoms and compliance with treatment plans.
  • A built-in Patient Health Record, accessible by the patient, that contains all the patient’s test results and other pertinent medical information. The PHR is organized so any provider—with patient authorization—can have access to the patient’s “Clinical Vault.”
  • Integrated dictation and transcription services that allow doctors to document the same way they do now, only faster and at lower cost. Supporting writing and dictation, the online service lowers recordkeeping time and costs by up to 80 percent.
  • Complete insurance documentation that generates financial reimbursement commensurate with care.
  • Facilitated collaboration between doctors, and between doctors and patients. Doctors can use a HIPAA-compliant, multimedia “answering machine” that allows them to communicate securely with each other as well as their patients, and patients can make or change appointments as needed.

Louis Cornacchia III, president and chief executive officer of Doctations, explained that has been thoroughly tested by patients, doctors and service providers alike for over one year. “We believe that good healthcare requires a community which promotes a strong doctor-patient relationship. With our internet based system, groups of doctors and their patients form Web Integrated Healthcare Communities.”

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