DME: Pressure is on to give aging boomers simplicity

Omron has repackaged its line of blood-pressure monitors to be more intuitive.

Walgreens generated quite 
the fanfare in January when it announced free blood-pressure screenings across its pharmacies and Take Care Clinics on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.”

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect — the oldest of the baby boomer generation reach birthday No. 65 in 2011, which means some 10,000 seniors will be celebrating retirement age every day from now through the next 19 years. And though Oprah still is some 10 years away from celebrating her own 65th birthday, she’s still about the most well-known baby boomer in media. Raising awareness through her voice very well could make the silent killer silent no longer.

Age 65 also happens to be the age that many seniors are advised by their doctors to begin testing their blood pressure regularly at home, though that’s beginning to change. “Baby boomers are not waiting for the doctor anymore,” noted John Winegardner, VP sales at Omron. Boomers are becoming more proactive about preventive health care, he said.

According to the latest market research, today’s seniors are looking for simplicity in their pressure monitors. In order to address that consumer need, Omron recently repackaged its entire line so that it is more intuitive — the entry upper-arm unit teases out three key features in what now is called the “3 series.” Similarly, the high-end offering spells out 10 key benefits.


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