Distribution for INGfertility's Pre~Seed expands

SPOKANE, Wash. — INGfertility on Monday announced that its Pre~Seed "fertility-friendly" personal lubricant has added distribution through Walgreens, including Duane Reade.

Pre~Seed's formula matches the pH, osmolality (ion content) and viscosity (thickness) of a woman's fertile fluids. It is applied internally prior to intercourse to support an optimal environment for sperm. In contrast, medical studies have shown the damage to sperm that can be caused by most common lubricants. "Many couples who are trying to conceive have increased incidence of vaginal dryness, due to the stress of 'having to have' intercourse during the woman's fertile time," stated GD Clifton, INGfertility CEO. "Pre~Seed offers a safe alternative for these couples.”

Pre~Seed also is available at CVS/pharmacy, the company reported.

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