Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy rebrands, shortens name

Changes reflect growth beyond specialty pharmacy focus

FLINT, Mich. — Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy is now Diplomat, the company said Monday in announcing a change to its name and branding strategy.

Calling it a "new and more human brand," the company said it had grown to include more than pharmacists, nurses and care coordinators and now includes software developers, researchers and business strategists.

"In our desire to fully serve our patients and our industry, we have become more," Diplomat CEO Phil Hagerman said. "We're more than a specialty pharmacy."

The new branding strategy for the company, which bills itself as the country's largest independent specialty pharmacy, includes a new mission statement, philosophy, design and logo.

"Our expertise goes beyond traditional models," Diplomat VP information technology and marketing Jenny Cretu said. "That's what our new brand is all about — a passion for great patient care, the possibilities it poses and the impact it has on all our lives."


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