Diplomat finds its patients are satisfied with pharmacy's services

90% said expectations were exceeded

FLINT, Mich. — Just about everybody seems satisfied with Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy’s services, according to the company’s 2011 patient satisfaction survey.

Diplomat mailed the survey to 1,545 customers in May, of whom 463 responded. Of those respondents, 90% said Diplomat exceeded their expectations; 98% said it met their expectations; and 99% said they were satisfied overall with the specialty pharmacy provider.

Diplomat president and CEO Phil Hagerman said the results affirmed the provider’s patient-focused model.

“This type of customer-provided data reinforces the importance and value of our company approach, which includes direct outreach to patients to maintain our high adherence rates and our proprietary eNAV IT platform,” Hagerman said. “Equally important, the survey results reflect positive patient feedback at a time when Diplomat is on a major growth spurt, nearly 50% year over year.”

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