Dietary supplements' role in health care remains prominent

WHAT IT MEANS AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT In the past three years, the CRN Foundation has interviewed a broad swathe of healthcare professionals around both their personal and professional use/recommendation of dietary supplements. Two years ago, the majority of physicians and nurses recommended the use of dietary supplements; last year orthopedic specialists, cardiologists and dermatologists each testified to the inherent value of supplements.

(THE NEWS: Study finds most nurse practitioners recommend dietary supplements to patients. For the full story, click here)

Incidentally, this confirms what we at Drug Store News and our sister publication at Retail Clinician have known for quite some time, according to the 2009 Retail Clinician reader survey, more than 66% of nurse practitioners report they regularly talk to their patients about dietary supplements.

Currently, supplement manufacturers are no where in terms of engaging the in-store nurse practitioner. These results suggest suppliers in this space need to be thinking beyond just the consumer at the shelf — what about the patient in the clinic? What is your brand doing to help that NP help her clinic own that patient relationship? Where does it fit in?


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