Diet Mountain Dew takes center stage in new campaign

PURCHASE, N.Y. — Mountain Dew is putting its diet drink in the spotlight.

Featuring the tagline, "Diet Tastes Better on the Mountain," the new Diet Mountain Dew campaign debuted this week with a 30-second television spot that features two male Gen-Xers who race to mow their lawns in a battle for the last Diet Mountain Dew.

Diet Mountain Dew is celebrating its campaign with a new Facebook promotion, which invites fans to upload their best pictures to the Diet Dew Facebook page for the chance to be selected as the Diet Dew profile picture for the weekend.

"We wanted to use [creativity] that could wink at Dew's legacy of pushing limits while showing that we understand the current lifestyles of the people who grew up with us," Mountain Dew VP marketing Brett O'Brien said. "We know that more consumers are turning to diet soft drinks, and we want them to know that with Diet Dew, they can choose diet without sacrificing taste. Plus, a lawnmower race seemed like a fun way to show that even though it's diet, we're still Dew."

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