Diamond Brilliance's plastic cutlery a party table solution

DALEVILLE, Ind. Party hosts seeking a low-cost solution for plastic silverware can look no further than Diamond Brilliance.

Diamond Brilliance plastic cutlery can be used for summer parties, weddings and graduations. Polished with a silver-look and intricate handle design, while providing strength and quality that will stand up to even the toughest foods, Diamond Brilliance is the ultimate cutlery solution.

"Weddings, parties, birthdays and graduations are at a high point during the summer months," said Emily Sander, brand manager at Jarden Home Brands. "Diamond Brilliance cutlery was designed for these special occasions to bring convenience and affordability to entertainers and party organizers. Additionally, Brilliance cutlery can fashion an endless number of tabletop looks, ranging from formal to flashy." 

The packaging is made from 100% recyclable paperboard that can be recycled after use.

Diamond Brilliance cutlery is available at Walmart, Target and many grocery retailers in packs of 30 (10 spoons, 10 knives and 10 forks).

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