Diabetes-management program uses voice of pharmacist to influence patient behavior

PrescribeWellness announces PeakWellness

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — An organization formed with the goal of reducing healthcare costs and improving health in the United States has launched a new diabetes-management program for pharmacists.

PrescribeWellness announced the launch of PeakWellness, based on a study of patients seeking diabetes treatment at a southern California pharmacy. The study included a control group of patients who did not receive text or voice messages, while another group did; the group that received messages showed a 30% increase in average diabetes comprehension, diet, exercise and motivation that lead to more successful diabetes-management outcomes.

The program uses messages delivered in the voice of the pharmacist, which the group said would increase the likelihood of behavioral action on the part of the message recipient.

"Recent studies were showing mixed results regarding the impact of text and voice messages on self-management outcomes of chronic illness, which is why we decided to conduct an automated digital intervention study on diabetes," PrescribeWellness VP behavioral solutions Terry Olson said.



- 1:18 PM
Diabetes Pharmacy says

We are proponents of the pharmacy increasing their participation in the care of diabetic patients. It is good for the patient as well as the pharmacy. It is shocking that it has taken so long for pharmacies to "get it" but that is par for the course in healthcare. Expect trends like this to continue as the instance of diabetes increases.

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