Diabetes drug pipeline boasts close to 200 medications

WASHINGTON Nearly 200 drugs are in the pipeline as possible treatments for diabetes, according to an article in a Colorado newspaper.

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America heralded the article, which was published in the Stratton Spotlight of Stratton, Colo., and based on a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It reported that drug companies were working on 183 new drugs for diabetes, including 133 for Type 2 diabetes, 26 for Type 1 diabetes and 34 for other forms of the disease and related conditions, such as gestational diabetes.

“The diabetes medicines now in the research pipeline are contributing substantially to the incredible progress made in the last five years by biopharmaceutical companies in developing new and more effective diabetes treatments,” PhRMA president and CEO Billy Tauzin said in a statement. “The nation must continue its strong commitment to the cutting-edge pharmaceutical research that enables today’s diabetes patients to manage their disease and lead productive lives.”

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