Devices transform shelf

Awareness around the availability of intimacy health devices within pharmacies is increasing.

The expansion of intimacy health devices at mass is transforming the intimacy health segment into some pretty significant profit centers. “The total vibrations category currently has up to $1 billion in retail sales with no clear branded leader,” Church & Dwight’s CEO James Craigie told analysts earlier this month, noting that a line of full-sized personal massagers under the Trojan banner has launched through all classes of trade. “This is a category of new white space for our Trojan brand to enter,” he said.

Awareness around the availability of intimacy health devices within pharmacies is only going to get greater. New-to-mass LELO featured a high-end line of Kegel exercisers earlier this year at NACDS Marketplace — a product line that may represent the proverbial “next-step” in the evolution of intimacy health centers. The Laselle Kegel exercisers under the Intimina by LELO brand aren’t only a corrective solution for such conditions as incontinence; they’re also preventive.

The Laselle launch is expected to help drive awareness among women older than 55 years. And it’s that demographic that represents the strongest opportunity.

“The rise of sexually transmitted infections in that age group [both men and women] is growing disproportionate to the population,” noted Carol Carrozza, VP global marketing of sexual health and well-being at Ansell Healthcare Products. “It’s [a demographic] that we’re focusing on in our marketing efforts to provide education.”


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