Dentist named winner of Dr. Fresh's FireFly-sponsored contest

WILMINGTON, Del. — Dr. Fresh, a maker of personal care products, perhaps best known for its FireFly flashing toothbrush for children, has announced that a Wilmington dentist has won recognition for making pediatric dental services available to uninsured, needy local families.

Brendan Fay was recognized in a national contest sponsored by FireFly toothbrush, which is part of the company's ongoing Crusade Against Cavities initiative.

"Tooth decay in young children is dramatically on the rise across the country, and of pressing concern in underserved communities," Dr. Fresh president Puneet Nanda said. "Dr. Fay and his colleagues at Westside Family Healthcare have really stepped up to the plate to offer dental care to patients who need it most but cannot afford it."

Fay received 10,000 Dr. Fresh toothbrushes to be donated in his name to his charity of choice, the Delaware Oral Health Coalition, an organization that goes into underserved areas and equips Head Start teachers to educate children about oral health. He also attended the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's 64th Annual Session, held recently in New York City, as the guest of Dr. Fresh.

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