Decision Resources: Victoza may outpace Byetta

BURLINGTON, Mass. — Novo Nordisk could be outpacing Eli Lilly and Amylin Pharmaceuticals in the diabetes wars, according to an analysis by healthcare market research firm Decision Resources.

A recent report by the firm found that more patients were switching from Lilly and Amylin’s Byetta (exenatide) to Novo Nordisk’s Victoza (liraglutide) than vice versa, with 25.2% switching to Victoza and 2.8% switching to Byetta. Still, for the time being, Byetta commands a higher patient share. Between the first and last quarters of 2010, Byetta’s patient share fell from 4% to 3.2%, while Victoza’s increase from 0.1% to 1.8%.

“Use of both Byetta and Victoza is usually reserved for later lines of therapy,” Decision Resources analyst Kate Sullivan said. “The increasing use of Victoza is most likely a result of Victoza’s more convenient once-daily dosing and its greater HbA1c-lowering and weight-loss efficacy.”


- 5:54 PM
drsarahj says

It seems oddly coincidental (perhaps manipulative) that Decision Resources would announce this research "finding" about Victoza on a day when Amylin stock is rising with the news of their positive heart rhythm study. Novo Nordisk has a great product, but once a day is not as convenient as once per week, and there is NO way that can be "spinned" other than for what it is. For once, I wish the market would stop worrying about investors and demonstrate some genuine concern about patients. The market is large and getting larger, certainly enough room for many players besides Novo, and both Amylin and Mannkind will demonstrate this convincingly in the months and years ahead.

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