Decision Resources projects proprietary clinical gold standard status for Byetta

WALTHAM, Mass. A once-weekly treatment for Type 2 diabetes will likely become a popular treatment for the disease in the next few years, according to a new report by Decision Resources.

The market research firm released the report Tuesday, saying that Byetta LAR (exenatide) – made by Eli Lilly & Co., Amylin and Alkermes – had earned its proprietary clinical gold standard status in 2013 as a treatment for the disease following a 2010 approval. According to the report, Byetta LAR has advantages over current and emerging therapies in terms of efficacy and delivery and would likely earn a 40% patient share, according to surveyed U.S. endocrinologists, while European endocrinologists said it would earn a 20% share. Decision Resources analyst Christine Helliwell attributed the lower share in Europe to stricter reimbursement requirements there and more conservative uptake of novel drugs.

“Byetta LAR improves on our current gold standard, Amylin [and] Eli Lilly’s Byetta, by offering superior glucose-lowering and weight-loss efficacy with a more convenient dosing schedule – once-weekly versus twice-weekly injections,” Helliwell said. “According to surveyed endocrinologists, Byetta LAR is expected to gain the greatest share among emerging Type 2 diabetes therapies. Byetta LAR will primarily take patients share away from Byetta; we expect metformin to continue being the patient share leader in the future.”

Byetta and Byetta LAR belong to a class of drugs known as glucagons-like peptide, or GLP-1, analogues, a class that also includes the recently approved Victoza (liraglutide), made by Novo Nordisk.

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