Dateline NBC airs dietary supplement exposé; CRN responds

NEW YORK — "Dateline NBC" on Sunday aired an exposé concerning certain outliers of the dietary supplement industry during its "Hansen Files" segment featuring Chris Hansen, charging that supplement manufacturers aren't ensuring that those ingredients on their labels are actually in the supplement.

"Our latest 'Hansen Files' investigation shows there is a gaping hole in the safety net when it comes to making sure your supplements are safe and effective," Hansen stated as part of a blog posted Monday on the program's site. "Our hidden cameras will show that when it comes to supplements in America, it can be like the wild west."

“'Dateline NBC' raised some serious issues in its investigative report," stated Steve Mister, president and CEO for the Council for Responsible Nutrition, earlier today. "We are concerned, as any industry would be, when a few companies engaging in fraudulent and criminal activity overshadow the legitimate products sold by responsible companies."

CRN iterated that responsible nutrition companies are compliant with the Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices governing supplements. "We take seriously the allegations raised by this television program of fraudulent laboratory practices and urge the Food and Drug Administration to use its ample legal authority to take legal action."

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- 11:18 AM
mkeaton says

The Natural Products Association (NPA) is the leading representative of the dietary supplement industry with over 1,900 members, including suppliers and retailers of vitamins and other dietary supplements. NPA President Jeff Wright comments on the regulation and safety of dietary supplements: “Consumers can trust what they read on the labels of dietary supplements. We share the concern about the issue of ensuring that products contain what the label claims and are not contaminated. This issue is highlighted, from time to time, in most consumer products industries, including foods, drugs and toys.” “The Natural Products Association supports the goal of superior quality within our industry, other industries and the government. Fortunately, consumers are smart enough to understand that a few or occasional lapses in quality assurance should not translate into suspicion of an entire category of products, especially one with a strong history of safety. Otherwise, people may not eat eggs, spinach, tomatoes or pistachios today.” “NPA has long supported government and industry actions to both produce dietary supplements according to good manufacturing practices and eliminate drugs wrongly labeled as supplements. Products that contain undeclared drug ingredients are not dietary supplements. These products are illegal drugs, and they have no place in the legitimate marketplace.” “Selling products that contain illegal substances is a crime. Anyone who manufactures or sells these illegal products intentionally should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” “NPA has been steadfast in its support for increased resources for the Food and Drug Administration. We also support government action against any laboratories that may use improper testing methods. We fully support strong rules to make sure that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle. NPA has been a leader in industry efforts to attain this goal through our TruLabel and GMP certification programs.” “It’s important to note that dietary supplements help millions of Americans address nutritional deficiencies and maintain and improve their health. NPA provides information about the regulation, safety and benefits of supplements online at”

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