Dassant Classics introduces premium baking mixes

PORTLAND, Ore. — NorthWest Specialty Baking Mixes announced this week the introduction of new branded baking mixes: Dassant Classics.

The Dassant Classics premium baking mix offering includes:

  • Dassant Classics Truffle Brownie Mix (14.5 oz): Dense and fudgy, Dassant Classics Brownie Mix is made with chunks of rich chocolate;

  • Dassant Classics Blondie Bar Mix (14.5 oz): Shoppers will keep coming back for this buttery rich cookie-like bar filled with chunks of rich chocolate chips;

  • Dassant Classics Carrot Cake Mix (15 oz): A perennial favorite, Dassant Classics Carrot Cake Mix contains a dense cinnamon-spice flavor coupled with bits of real carrots.

Dassant Classics is presented in new packaging of tall, slender and sturdy paperboard carton to allow for greater shelf facing.

“The new offering’s distinctive packaging communicates the premium nature of the products, while the retail price point is competitive with several favorite national brands,” says vice president of Sales Diana Michelsen. “Consumers are getting a great value from the products.”

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