Dannon looks to fatten sales by expanding light offerings

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. Dannon today announced two new entries to its light offerings that will hit stores this month: Light & Fit 0% Plus and DanActive Light.

The new products are the latest effort toward the company’s strategy of providing consumers yogurt with benefits beyond basic nutrition. Such previous efforts include probiotic yogurts Activia, DanActive and Dannon Activia Light.

“Consumers often have to sacrifice taste when eating light products,” said Andreas Ostermayr, chief marketing officer, Dannon. “Our objective was to create a great tasting light yogurt that doesn’t taste light.”

Light & Fit 0 percent Plus is the most recent addition to the fruit-enhanced Light & Fit line. The seven-SKU Light & Fit 0% Plus line contains 60 calories per 4-ounce cup and retails between $2.59 and $4.69 for four- and eight-packs. Light & Fit 0% Plus ads launching next month will focus on “making every calorie count and adding nutrients into diets, rather than simply reducing calories,” said Ostermayr.

DanActive Light, a new version of DanActive, has fewer than half the calories.

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