Dannon launches Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt, features John Stamos in ad campaign

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — The Dannon Co. on Monday announced the launch of Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt, which will replace the brand's existing Greek yogurt brand. It will join the company's Stonyfield Organic Oikos Greek yogurt.

“Anyone who has tried and loves Dannon Greek can still find the same fresh taste and creamy-thick consistency in Dannon Oikos, and we just confirmed in a national taste test of non-fat berry flavor Greek yogurt that our Dannon Oikos is preferred on taste to the leading brand by a margin of two to one,” said Michael Neuwirth, senior director of public relations for the Dannon Co. “We’re excited to bring the Oikos brand to more stores nationwide and in more flavors than ever before.”

To spread the word about its new yogurt brand, Dannon also launched an ad campaign on Monday starring Greek actor John Stamos. The campaign compares Dannon Oikos to the world’s best-tasting delights, including Champagne and Swiss chocolate.

“I am a proud Greek and a proud yogurt eater. And when the call from Dannon came in, and after I tasted Dannon Oikos, I couldn't say no,” Stamos said. 

Organic Oikos will continue to be sold by Stonyfield using its own certified organic recipe. Together, Dannon Oikos and Stonyfield Organic Oikos offer consumers a broad range of tasty, authentic Greek yogurt options in both non-organic and organic varieties, according to the company.

To learn more about Dannon Oikos and Stonyfield Organic Oikos, visit OikosYogurt.com

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