Dakotacare implements RxEOB’s pharmacy prior authorization solution

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — South Dakota’s largest physician-owned health plan has adopted prior authorization automation technology from RxEOB for use across its membership, RxEOB said.

Dakotacare will use the company’s AutoAuthRx to allow clinical pharmacists to collaborate with providers and ensure each prescription is aligned with the member’s specific benefit design and the associated evidence-based guidelines.

“We are pleased RxEOB can help us bring tools to our community, which allow providers to make the most informed pharmacy decisions for our members, promote lower-cost options when clinically appropriate and free clinician and staff time to focus on patient care,” Dakotacare VP medical management Rich Jones said in a statement. “AutoAuthRx is fully aligned with our mission to make health care more efficient for all to ensure we can offer a rich set of benefit options, to drive effective medical management programs and to preserve the financial stability of our healthcare system.”

AutoAuthRx is part of RxEOB’s workflow technology suite, which also includes the software program RxEFormulary, for consolidating into one source the many formularies that health plans and pharmacy benefit managers maintain, as well as RxMonitor, an analytics and reporting engine that delivers detailed pharmacy utilization and drug switching and compliance metrics to employers, health plans and PBMs.

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