CytoSport receives FDA warning letter around use of 'milk' in Muscle Milk

SAN FRANCISCO — CytoSport recently reported its receipt of a letter from the San Francisco office of the Food and Drug Administration alerting the company to concerns about its use of the word “milk” in its Muscle Milk trade name and to questions about the language used to describe Muscle Milk to consumers.

"While CytoSport is proactively and openly addressing the FDA’s labeling concerns, it is important for CytoSport’s retail partners and for consumers to understand that at no point has the FDA raised any questions or concerns about the safety of Muscle Milk products," the company stated. "The FDA’s inquiry is specifically about the use of the word 'milk' in the name Muscle Milk and whether the use of that term is appropriate. Concerns like this have been raised before when the dairy lobby complained that other industries or products like Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk and Rice Milk are using the word 'milk' in connection with a product other than fluid dairy milk, all of which appeal to lactose-intolerant consumers just as Muscle Milk does."

CytoSport is working with the FDA to address the FDA’s concerns, the company added.

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