CyberScholar Retail Network rolled out at Costco

Benefits extend from manufacturers to Costco employees, members

LOS ANGELES — Warehouse mass merchandiser Costco will use an online portal to increase in-store product knowledge and enhance shoppers’ experiences.

Shopper marketing agency Creative Channel Services announced Tuesday that Costco would use its CyberScholar Retail Network and had integrated it into its U.S. employee-development strategies for consumer electronics products.

The program gives Costco employees at 414 stores easy access to learning modules from manufacturers of cameras, GPS devices, home theaters, televisions and other products, and delivers those modules through one portal, allowing employees to deliver information to customers.

“Creative Channel Services is proud to deliver our CyberScholar Retail Network product-knowledge resources to Costco employees,” CCS president and CEO Andy Restivo said. “This partnership is a win-win-win, as the benefits extend from manufacturers to Costco’s employees and, most importantly, to Costco members.”

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