C'watre begins bold marketing campaign

ASHBURN, Va. C’watre International, a maker of ocean water-based skin care products, has kicked off an exclusive marketing campaign to promote its products.

“We have embarked on a bold marketing campaign to greatly improve the visibility of our products in the market. Beginning with the Natural Products Expo East trade show, we will have our products featured in both the mainstream media as well as print over the coming months,” stated Robert Lyles III, president and chief executive officer of C’watre International.

Natural Products Expo East was held in Baltimore in late September.

Lyles also stated that the company has completed all requirements to get its stock trading in the marketplace and actually began trading on June. 26. Over the coming weeks and months, the company is expected to make several announcements regarding its progress.

As previously reported by Drug Store News, the company recently unveiled its new Kanreki line of skin care products, which are made with odoroki, or modified seawater.

Odoroki, a core of 78 essential nanonutrients, minerals and salts, provides individual cells with a “first aid kit” of all the nutrients necessary for healthy existence, according to the company. Odoroki is said to create an environment that enables cells to expel their impurities and toxins, allowing the cell to take in the nutrients it needs for optimal health.

The Kanreki line includes a face wash, a tonic rich in antioxidants, a cream to even skin tone and minimize imperfections and a serum to speed the delivery of revitalizing levels of amino-acids, antioxidants and phospholipids.

The products join the company’s Haeru Activating Ageless Serum, which launched in summer 2006.

Next year, the company is expected to launch a sun protection product.

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