CVS/pharmacy now offers medication disposal program in all pharmacy locations

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — In an effort to make it easy for customers to safely dispose of their unused, expired or unwanted medications, and help battle the estimated 200 million lbs. of unwanted medications improperly disposed every year, CVS/pharmacy now is offering Sharps Compliance’s Environmental Return System in all of its 7,200 locations.

The postage-paid medication disposal envelopes cost $3.99 and allow customers to mail their unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications through the U.S. Postal Service to a licensed, secure facility for safe destruction. Controlled substances are excluded from this program by law.

"CVS/pharmacy is committed to safe environmental practices, as well as helping customers prevent misuse at home of their unused medications, so we are pleased to partner with Sharps Compliance to provide a secure and environmentally-safe solution in our pharmacies," CVS/pharmacy VP pharmacy professional services Papatya Tankut said.

CVS/pharmacy's launch of the TakeAway Environmental Return System is part of the company's ongoing commitment to safe medication disposal solutions, including participation in local medication take-back events throughout the United States and supporting the DEA's annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.


- 8:03 AM says

You'd think with such an integrated warehouse and delivery system, they would make this an in-house program. All pharmacies could return a single tote, sealed and marked for customer drug destruction, to the warehouse. These could be consolidated into a single location that properly disposes of the medication. All for a lot less than $3.99.

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