CVS/pharmacy adds social network connectivity to in-store Kodak kiosks

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS/pharmacy announced on Monday that social network connectivity is now available at all CVS/pharmacy photo centers with Kodak picture kiosks.

Effective immediately, customers can visit the CVS/pharmacy photo center to access and print their photos or access their friends' photos directly from Facebook at the Kodak picture kiosk. This new feature allows CVS/pharmacy customers to print images directly from Facebook without bringing a digital camera, USB drive or smartcard into the store.

In addition to prints, the new in-store Facebook application allows consumers to share their favorite memories with friends with personalized photobooks, calendars or other photo products created at the Kodak picture kiosk. Consumers will find the "Connect and Print from Facebook pages" icon on the Kiosk home screen, and on the Kiosk's onscreen keyboard, which now features dedicated "@" and ".com" keys to simplify online site access.

Now through Oct. 23, customers can try the service for free by participating in the "Free Print Week" promotion accessible through the CVS/pharmacy Facebook fan page. All customers who "Like" CVS/pharmacy on Facebook can print a coupon pass redeemable for 20 free 4x6 prints from any Facebook-enabled Kodak picture kiosk location.

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