CVS' interim picks leave chain well-positioned for future

WHAT IT MEANS AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT — After weeks of waiting to see how CVS Caremark would respond to Walmart's successful bid to block the Hank Mullany hire, the company handed the keys to its retail stores to one of the most prolific merchants in drug store retailing and the man who has led its massive real estate machine.

(THE NEWS: CVS' Bloom, Baker to lead chain's retail business on interim basis. For the full story, click here)

For would-be pundits who may choose to second guess the "interim" tag, stranger things have happened than the possibility that one or both of these men could emerge as the permanent replacement to Larry Merlo when he becomes CEO this spring. Think about this: Walgreens chief Greg Wasson once held the "interim" tag.

Whether the company decides to stay with its in-house talent long term or again looks for outside expertise remains to be seen. Drug Store News salutes its recent announcement — in Bloom, Baker, Helena Foulkes, Jon Roberts, Per Lofberg and many of the other talented executives on the team Tom Ryan has assembled over the years, the company has left itself with a lot of options — ALL OF THEM GOOD.

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