CVS Caremark: vaccinations help reduce hospitalizations

WOONSOCEKT, R.I. CVS Caremark will reveal on Monday at the 2008 DMAA Annual Meeting influenza vaccine data that suggests vaccinations can help reduce the risk of hospitalizations in patients with chronic conditions.

For the yearlong study, CVS Caremark monitored the impact of influenza vaccination on subsequent hospitalization rates for 19,908 participants. Results indicated that for chronic disease patients who received the vaccine there was a 19 percent reduction in hospitalization for all causes and a 24 percent reduction in flu and pneumonia-related hospitalizations.

The subjects were enrolled in a common chronic disease management program, and were selected from a continuously enrolled population of all ages—all of whom were predetermined to have one of a number of chronic conditions including asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease, heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Investigators assessed hospital visits in 2006, and the vaccinated and non-vaccinated groups had equal distributions of gender, age and co-morbidities. The presence of influenza vaccine was derived from self-reported patient data as well as medical claims.

“This data furthers our understanding of the positive impact of influenza vaccinations,” stated Marsha Moore, senior vice president of medical affairs for CVS Caremark. “The results are an example of how our Proactive Pharmacy Care approach can help patients dealing with chronic conditions benefit from the positive impact of an annual influenza vaccination and can be an important tool for communicating the need for flu vaccine in this patient population.”

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