CVS Caremark offers to buy back $1B in senior notes

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS Caremark announced on Monday that it has commenced tender offers to refinance a portion of its debt.

The company has commenced cash tender offers for any and all of the 6.6% senior notes due 2019 and up to a maximum amount of the 6.125% senior notes due 2016 and 5.75% senior notes due 2017 such that the aggregate principal amount of the maximum tender offer notes tendered and accepted for purchase is equal to $1 billion less the aggregate principal amount of the any and all notes tendered and accepted for purchase. 

"This tender offer allows us to take advantage of the current favorable interest rate environment," stated Dave Denton, EVP and CFO. "We expect to record a one-time expense in the fourth quarter of 2012 related to the tender. We also expect to extend a portion of our debt at lower rates, which will reduce our interest expense going forward."

In separate company news, Larry Merlo, CVS Caremark president and CEO, issued on Wednesday the following statement regarding the fiscal cliff: "CVS Caremark customers are the hard-working American families who are making decisions now about how to budget for the holidays and early next year. Their confidence has already been tested by persistent high unemployment and fragile economic growth. Our customers want to know that our leaders in Washington are working on their behalf to solve the real problems facing America."

"CVS Caremark is pleased that policy-makers of both parties appear committed to working together to avert the looming 'fiscal cliff' and focus on pragmatic, sensible solutions. What America and American families need now is follow-through.

"CVS Caremark urges President Obama and Congress to work together, on a bipartisan basis, to enact tax reform that spurs economic growth, entitlement reform that preserves America's safety net for future generations and sound fiscal policy that sets the stage for long-term growth and job creation."

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