CVS Caremark, Generation Health to offer GBM service

WOONSOCKET, R.I. CVS Caremark and Generation Health have announced that they will offer an integrated genetic benefit management service -- using the industry's first Best Test Genetics Network for coordination of testing -- directed at tailoring prescriptions to members based on their DNA.

CVS Caremark acquired a majority interest in Generation Health in December 2009; however, Generation Health operates as an independent business from CVS Caremark, offering a range of GBM services to employers, health plans and provider networks.

The initial product offering is available to CVS Caremark PBM services clients and focuses on 13 drug therapies. For medications generally dispensed through PBM services, the target medications include Imuran, Nolvadex, Plavix, Tabloid, Tegretol and Ziagen. The partnership also will initially focus on seven medications dispensed through CVS Caremark's specialty pharmacy business, including Pegasys and Copegus, for the treatment of hepatitis C, as well as oncological drugs Gleevec, Tasigna, Sprycel, Tarceva and Tykerb.

For each drug therapy, testing will be coordinated through the industry's first Best Test Genetics Network, a preferred provider organization of diagnostic service providers that offer evidence-based genetic and molecular testing.

The GBM service offering will be launched for a select group of CVS Caremark's PBM clients in the months ahead, with the product becoming available to all clients starting January 2011. In addition, the CVS Caremark and Generation Health collaboration will be expanding its GBM service offerings as is warranted by research and medical advances.

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