CVS Caremark extends thanks to pharmacists in recognition of American Pharmacists Month

Company to honor pharmacy technicians on Oct. 22

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS Caremark is recognizing its pharmacists' efforts to improve patient care as part of American Pharmacists Month, which is sponsored by the American Pharmacists Association and lasts through October, the company said Thursday.

CVS singled out the services its 26,000 pharmacists provide, saying they lower healthcare costs every day in its retail, mail service and specialty pharmacies. These include immunizations; providing information about health insurance options available under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; the Pharmacy Advisor program, which addresses medication adherence problems and identifies gaps in care to improve health among patients with chronic diseases; and a mail service pharmacy and customer service center in Illinois that combines technology and human expertise.

"CVS Caremark is focused on finding new and innovative ways to reinvent pharmacy in order to better serve our customers, and our pharmacists play a critical role in that process," CVS Caremark president and CEO Larry Merlo said. "The healthcare landscape in our nation is changing, and pharmacists are no longer simply dispensing medication. Our pharmacists are also providing important healthcare services through innovative programs and services across our practice settings."

In addition to American Pharmacists Month, CVS Caremark will also mark National Pharmacy Technician Day on Oct. 22 in recognition of the 50,000 pharmacy technicians it employs.


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