Cutex products now available at extreme-value retailer Five Below

ST. LOUIS — Cutex has announced the availability of its Advanced Revival formula at Five Below retail stores across the United States.

As the retail store’s name suggests, Five Below is offering select Cutex products for less than $5. Nail polish remover products include the Advanced Revival One-Step Remover Pads, Advanced Revival Liquid Nail Polish Remover, the Cutex Corrector Pen and Cutex Regular Instant Nail Polish Remover Jar.

“Cutex always looks for innovative ways to reach a new loyal customer base, and partnering with Five Below is a great way to get Cutex products into and onto the hands of many consumers around the nation,” stated John Mandelker, president of Cutex. “We take pride in our 100-year legacy allowing us to break ground in the innovation of new and better products.”

The Cutex Advanced Revival formula is the first innovation in nail polish remover in more than 15 years. The patent-pending formula combines the power of acetone with strengthening and nourishing natural apricot seed and parilla drying oils, the company stated.

Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads use the same Advanced Revival formula but are able to condition nails and cuticles in one step. The patented formula is designed to remove polish faster and create an ideal canvas for a base coat or nail polish that follows. Each felt pad is individually wrapped and removes polish from 10 nails, fingers or toes.

Also available at Five Below are the Cutex Corrector Pen and the Cutex Regular Instant Nail Polish Remover Jar. The Corrector Pen combines the performance of Cutex nail polish remover with the precision of a contoured applicator tip for quick, accurate touch-ups. The pen includes four extra tips in a portable design. The Cutex Regular Instant Nail Polish Remover Jar is an alternative to liquid polish removers. Each nail is cleaned by twisting one finger at a time with the sponge in the jar.

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